Benita Williams

Benita Williams - Evaluation Consultant and Owner

Ms. Williams is responsible for the design, implementation and management of monitoring and evaluation projects and has conducted various evaluations of Education, Youth Development, Income Generation and Health initiatives in Southern Africa for corporate donors, government departments and community based NGOs. Recently her focus has been on the evaluation of Education support initiatives, particularly initiatives employing Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for education and development. Ms. Williams has academic training in the field of Research Psychology (University of Pretoria). In August 2009, she completed a three-year term as treasurer for the South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMEA) and in July 2010 completed a term as Executive Board member and secretary for the African Evaluation Association (AfrEA).

Fazeela Hoosen

Fazeela Hoosen - Evaluation Consultant

Ms. Hoosen has conducted evaluations in the education and ICT sector with a focus on the use of technology in improving teaching and learning. She is responsible for all aspects of the evaluation process, specifically; project management, evaluation design, data monitoring and management, quantitative and qualitative analysis and report writing. She has recently completed a Post-graduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation from the University of Stellenbosch in addition to a Master's Degree in Human Geography. As an evaluator she is pursuing her interest and developing her skills in using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as a tool in presenting meaningful evaluation results of development programmes.

Daleen Botha

Daleen Botha - Evaluation Consultant

Ms. Botha is an Evaluation Consultant with Benita Williams Evaluation Consultants. She is responsible for the implementation and management of monitoring and evaluation projects as well as operations management. She has participated in various evaluations of Education in Southern Africa for corporate donors, government departments and NGOs. A particular area of interest the evaluation of Information and Communication Technology enabled initiatives in the education sector. Ms. Botha trained in the field of Information Technology (Unisa) and Management (Wits) and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation Studies at the University of Stellenbosch.