Who We Are

Benita Williams Evaluation is a small consultancy based in Pretoria, South Africa. We facilitate evaluations with selected clients who are willing to embed evaluation and reflection processes into their work, and are serious about using the results of the evaluations to inform their next actions.

Vision & Mission

We work towards a South Africa where all people can reach their potential. We do this by strengthening the work of those involved in education and capacity building initiatives, particularly through

  • Planning and conducting monitoring and evaluation
  • Facilitating evaluative reflection in teams
  • Assisting clients to think about the tools and processes they require to improve their performance and tell the story of their success
Who We Are

We believe Evaluation has value

There is value in taking an occasional pause to reflect on the results being achieved, if the reflection inspires action. Evaluation is not an end in itself, and an evaluation report is not the most important output from a meaningful evaluation process. Maximising the value from evaluations require careful planning and commitment from all involved.

Our work is significantly influenced by