What if, mid career as a researcher, you become interested in Evaluation?

An old classmate, that took the market research route after completing her Research Psych Master’s Degree, asked me for a couple of references to check out if she wanted to develop her evaluation knowledge and skills. What came to mind is the following professional development resources. I’m sure there’s many more easily accessible ones, but this is a good start for a list!

  • If you are willing to spend some time learning from online lectures, try out any of the free online courses developed by EvalPartners, Rockefeller and the IOCE. New entrants allowed in January, March and September of each year, and learning is totally self-paced.  They are certified.
  • If you are looking for less intense professional development – Why not check out the American Evaluation Association’s Coffee Break Webinars? (I think you do have to be an AEA member though!)
  • If you are looking for something to read about any evaluation method, approach, tool or task, check out Better Evaluation. Subscribe to their blog and their twitter stream to get handy little tips. An amazing resource made available totally free!
  • Do you only have time for a short email or blog every now and again? Sign up for the American Evaluation Association Tip-a-Day blog/ emails or check out the collection of Evaluation Blogs curated at EvalCentral
  •  If you are looking for an accredited online course, try out the Claremont E-learning options. They usually have bursaries available for Developing Country Evaluators. 
  • What are the two Evaluation books I suggest you should read first? Utilization Focused Evaluation  – Michael Quinn Patton and Purposeful Programme Theory – Sue Funnell & Patricia Rogers
  • If you are planning to work in the M&E of Government programmes in South Africa, you have to be familiar with The South African Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation’s National Evaluation Policy Framework, and their guidelines.

One thought on “What if, mid career as a researcher, you become interested in Evaluation?”

  1. Great post Benita 🙂

    Also, you don't actually need to be a member of AEA to attend live coffee break webinars. I discovered this when I presented my own.

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